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Public Service

The AAF Lincoln community stretches well beyond the professional scene. As a group that takes pride in our city, we look to make an impact for those that need it most.

Every year, we select a public service partner that needs a little help to build their brand. Through our member efforts and into the community, we leverage our communication skills, connections and knowledge to help build a professional awareness campaign. No matter what the challenge, we take time to give our local nonprofits a helping hand. Nominate a non-profit organization for next year!

Our club benefactor for 2016-17 is The Foreman Foundation

AAF Lincoln would like to thank all of the wonderful non-profit organizations who applied to be the 2016-17 AAF Lincoln public service recipient. Determining only one recipient was a difficult task, but we are very excited to announce the selection of The Foreman Foundation, a Lincoln-based nonprofit designed to give both youth and adults an opportunity to access top notch education and resources to help their fight against diabetes. They have an awesome mission and we can't wait to jump on board.

For the fourth year in a row, AAF Lincoln will be partnering with Jacht Ad Lab, UNL's student-run advertising agency, to develop the inevitably great creative.

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