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CROPPED - The Ultimate Live Design Competition

AAF Lincoln and AMA Lincoln are bringing you the most thrilling graphic design challenge the Midwest has ever seen! Modeled after the hit TV show, Chopped, top designers in Lincoln will compete against one another in this live challenge, emceed by the one and only Randy Hawthorne.


In each round, designers will attempt to create the best design possible using our zip drive of mystery materials. Their designs will then be judged by our panel of professional judges. The designers that stay in the top of their round will advance. Fall to the bottom, and they’ll be Cropped. The designer who makes it through to the end without getting cropped will get the fame, the glory, and the top prize of $500 CASH.

For Designers: Competitors will be chosen based on a preliminary contest. For a chance to compete at Cropped, you must first redesign our event flyer and submit it by 6pm on October 2nd. Then, beginning October 5th, the public will vote for their favorite flyer. The designers of the four flyers that get the most votes will get to compete at Cropped for the $500 top prize. It is free to compete at Cropped and this preliminary contest. Assets for the flyer design and the full rules can be found here.

+ Submit your flyer design.

More Event Details:
Ticket Prices: $10 for members, $20 for non-members
Tickets include event entry, hors d'ouevres, and 1 drink ticket.

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